Portfolio Companies

Martin Yale Industries
  • Corporate Divestiture
  • Manufacturer of print finishing products sold under the brand names Martin Yale, Count, Premier, Mead Hatcher, and Master
  • Market leading position in paper folders and letter openers with both domestic and off-shore manufacturing capability
  • Located in Wabash, Indiana
  • Undercapitalized / Growth Opportunity
  • Franchisor of automotive repair service centers with franchise offerings in five states
  • Strategically positioned as the "dealer alternative" for full service automotive repair
  • Headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan
Cast Aluminum Solutions
  • Corporate Divestiture / Turnaround
  • Highly Engineered Aluminum Casting and Precision Machining
  • Expertise is in providing “cast-in” thermal solutions to the food service, semiconductor, medical, and aerospace industries
  • Located in Batavia, Illinois
NEX Solutions
  • Undercapitalized / Growth Opportunity
  • Custom Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Expertise is in providing full service engineering, fabrication, welding, assembly, powder coating, and warehousing services using an integrated quality system
  • Located in Litchfield, Michigan
Michigan Polymer Reclaim
  • Turnaround / Growth Opportunity
  • Recycling of Post-Industrial and Post-Consumer Plastics
  • Expertise is in producing industry leading yield of high quality plastic resin from recyclable waste, with an exceptionally quick turnaround
  • Located in St. Johns, Michigan